Oh yes you are…

Sophie Lewis is a slapperThe kiss and tell slapper who shagged an English Rugby Player and sold her story to the tabloids reckons she isn’t a slapper.

Ok…let’s giver her the benefit of the doubt shall we and examine the intricacies of the case.

1. She went out on the town to bag an England Rugby player.

2. She told NOTW that she “put rampant rabbits to shame. He was such an accomplished lover and we did it in every position imaginable,”

3. She sold the story to NOTW

You’re right hunny, you’re no slapper…you had sex for money that makes you a whore!

As Stuffed.co.nz says;

[quote]She let the world know that she was cheaper than a two dollar prostitute. Good work. She has managed to make her parents really proud in the meantime. Every parent would love to read that their beloved daughter spread her legs for a random rugby guy who in turn f**ked the s**t out of her.[/quote]