Plughead's Real Estate Retribution Bill is on the Rocks

Real estate reform bill on shaky groundThe future of a bill to reform the real estate industry is on shaky ground with Labour left dependent on New Zealand First support to push it through.
NZ First holds the casting votes on the bill after National, United Future,…
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Plughead’s Real Estate Retribution Bill is set to fail after most parties have abandoned support for it. National, United Future, Act and independent MPs Gordon Copeland and Taito Phillip Field all indicated they will oppose it.

The Government is struggling to pass laws as this is I think the third bill that has struggled and likely to be withdrawn rather than face the ignominy of parliamentary defeat.

Thi law from the get go smacked of retribution by Plughead, either him or someone he is close to has obviously felt they got riped off and so he thought he would “sort it”. The man is a fool.

And what is with those ridiculous plugs?