Poll annihilation continues for Labour

Rogue PollsLabour are being annihilated in the polls. It is getting harder to pick the rougue poll and after this weekend one thing is for sure Labour are locked in to lose the election. There has been no bounce, not even a small one for Labour.

Rumours are now swirling around Wellington that Cullen is going to pack it in, watch the fight to get number two though tht could well be a poisoned chalice being number two to Clark at Labours biggest electoral defeat. Calrk though is looking set to beat Bill English’s 20.9%.

One News Colmar Brunton have delivered another smacking tonight.

National is on 55%
Labour is only at 29%.
Greens hold the line at 7%
Maori Party picks up a little and gets close to 5%.

The Maori party would get six seats, and assuming they hold their electorates it’s one seat each for United Future, Act and the Progressives.

Key has locked down a solid lead in the preferred Prime Minister rankings also. In fact noone really wants Clark anywhere except in the grave.

Key is 11 points clear on 38%

(Image from Barnsley Bill)