Pork Chop has it in for Rodney

Porck Chop certainly has it in for Rodney. In this weeks SPY she slags him off by saying;

[quote]But most puzzling is, where has Rodney Hide gone? I mean he was there on the night, well, in spirit, despite his constant yawning throughout proceedings (surely a rugby function can’t be more boring than Parliament?) but he was looking seriously tired and gaunt. Actually truth be told, he’s looking thinner each time I see him. Has weight loss turned into full blown manorexia?[/quote]

Good god what a bloody cheek, almost anyone would look “gaunt” beside Miss Piggy who only ever opens her mouth to insert another fistful of canapes.

Fancy even mentioning anorexia, she can talk she herself has clearly had a battle with anorexia, one that she won decisively!

Rachel Glucina has beaten anorexia