Pork Chop is pissy

Rachel Glucina beat AnorexiaFor those remotely interested Pork Chop has decided to try her hand at blogging. She is of course entering the shark infested waters of the blogsphere completely unarmed as only a roly-poly cushioned mummies girl can. For a start she insists on using a patently fake photo of herself in all of her promotional material. She would do well to learn about fauxtography and how dimly the blogosphere views it especially from blo-jo’s except to call Pork Chop a journalist is a massive stretch so I’ll coin the term Blo-Hack.

She will be demolished with her pithy and filthy little gossiping. The Blogosphere is not a kind place for fakers.

A case in point is one of her first posts.

She gets all snippy because she didn’t get invited to some function without considering for one moment that the charity might not have been able to a)afford the food that Porkchop would require or b) they didn’t want a lying, snivelling, overweight goosip cow at their function ruining the canapes.

As R Stuart fron Christchurch comments;

“Bitter and twisted at being left off the guest list just about sums up that article. It sounds like you are the one doing the toy throwing.”

Couldn’t say it better myself.