Sir Bob pissed with Labour

Bob Jones is at war with LabourThe last time a Government pissed off Bob Jones, he went and set up the New Zealand Party – and took 14% of the vote in 1984 which also meant that Rob Muldoon and the National Party went down in a heap.

Now history repeats abut this time the Dictatorship that Sir Robert wants punished is Helen Clark and the Labour Party. Sir Robert is not someone you want to piss off and if he gets it into his head to punish Labour then up on the 9th Floor they will be getting a little nervous – and with good reason. Flailing 20% points behind in most polls, the last thing that Clark and her crew would want is to be reminded daily that Sir Robert is out to destroy them by exposing the corrupt EFA for exactly what it is – A limitation on free speech.

[quote]”I’m so overwhelmingly shocked that I should live to see such legislation in New Zealand. I mean, whatever happened to the free joyous participation in the political process.”

Sir Bob says he has not voted National since 1981, but he will be this time simply to punish the Government for the EFA.

He says elections used to be fun but everyone is now too scared to participate.

“This is the most despicable thing I think I have seen in my lifetime in this country, I really do, certainly by any Government… this overwhelms me. I cannot believe it happened.”[/quote]

I wonder if Sir Robert’s anger is going to result in another 5% points off Labour diminishing support base.Like he cares about the fines contained in the Electoral Finance Act.