Smacking vote to be postal ballot in 2009: PM

Smacking vote to be postal ballot in 2009: PMIf there is any referendum on child discipline laws it will be held by postal ballot in 2009, Prime Minister Helen Clark said today.
Early this week campaigners handed in their second attempt at a petition to force a referendum…
[NZ Politics]

Helen Clark is showing complete disregard for the 10% of Kiwis that signed the referendum petition.

She is also wasting millions by decreeing today that the referendum will be held next year and by postal ballot. Her arrogance and venal lust to retain power is almost like that of Robert Mugabe’s.

Next thing she will be stealing from the public purse to fund her campaign……..oh wait, or trying to silence her critics and opposition……..oh wait!

I think that this is yet more evidence that we are mere days away from Clark calling the election.