Sonny Thomas ponies up…well sort of

Sonny ThomasSonny Thomas, quite possibly the ugliest gay man in the world, has accepted my challenge, except he didin’t.

On Clint Heine’s blog he was full of bravado and volunteering the services of the absentee candiddate for Hunua Jordan Carter.

Of course he doesn’t have the courage to actually accept the challenge on my blog so he goes skulking around the blogosphere under an assumed name ponying up on someone elses blog. Pity for Sonny though because the blog he chose to accept was Clint Heine’s and Clint apart from being a core member of the VRWC is also the head of the Blogger’s Union and so he let me know of the poof’s acceptance.

Additionally Sonny tried to change the venue to outside parliament. Unfortunately Sonny you don’t get to make the rules. I suspect he changed the venue because being a fawning socialist he is also a broken-arsed, dirt poor useless sack of shit.

So in the interests of getting his sorry useless arse to Auckland I will pay his airfare up. because of his bravado though I won’t pay it back because after winning he should have some cash to pay his own way back.

Fortunately for Sonny he is already well beaten with the ugly stick so my fists won’t make too much of a change to his mug.

So Sonny if you accept this challenge for real how about leaving a comment indicating it. Also let me know what day before the 23rd you want to travel so I can make the bookings.