The crims have then so why can't we?

Rules for a GunfightAnother shopkeeper dies, firearms used. The socialists will say we need to ban guns but I disagree.

Banning guns doesn’t stop crims from a) getting them and b) using them.

The only rules they follow is the Rules for a Gunfight. Unfortunately law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to follow those rules. It is time for a change.

Therefore the only solution is to allow for more guns to be owned and used in self defence by ordinary law-abiding Kiwi’s.

To have to wait an hour for the cops is unacceptable. It is time we took back the streets with Tasers, Mace and handguns.

Make training compulsory if you want to carry any of those but let us defend ourselves. The government and the police are failing to protect us. It time for a change.

The only way to stop crims is to put them in a grave with plenty of holes in them.

As they say “Gun Control is hitting what you aim at”.