THE EFA Bites: Legality of Govt press releases challenged

The Electoral Finance Act is like a cold soreLegality of Govt press releases challengedElectoral officials will be asked toconsider if press statements on the website are election advertisements under the Electoral Finance Act, as National continues to highlight difficulties with the new law.
[NZ Politics]

The Electorla Finance Act is the gift that keeps on giving. The only problem for the government is that their spiteful and ill-considered Act is only giving to National.

This was the law that was supposed to be rushed through, silence Labour critics, enable labour’s allies and free up government cash for the government to use.

Almost daily, since Jan 1, it has risen to bite Labour on its own prodigious ass. Every time an EFA story hits the press that is a few more people who are awakened to the farce that is this government.

Like cold-sores the EFA rears its head when the government least expects it. Now it is government press releases from Minister that may well be in breach of the law. I can’t say we didn’t tell them so while we all chortle at the governments discomfiture the apologists are all strangely silent on the issue.