The Police give up

Auckland, or at least South Auckland is out of control and the Police have basically given up.

[quote]The Weekend Herald can reveal a proposal for a six-month trial of the patrols is being recommended by a top-level police review.

TaserThe proposal will be put to Police Commissioner Howard Broad for consideration by August and, if approved, the patrols could begin in March.

Police say the trial would probably involve four cars, each manned by a pair of officers and carrying Bushmaster rifles and Glock 9mm pistols.

It would create an official policy of routinely arming police officers, eroding the force’s 122-year-history of being “generally unarmed”.

The Weekend Herald has also learned police want the patrols to carry a medium-range “less-lethal” option such as the newly developed Taser Xrep – which fires an incapacitating Taser projectile from a 12-gauge shotgun.[/quote]

BushmasterFor the uninitiated a Bushmaster Rifle, though it sounds lovely is in actual fact a modified AR-15 assault rifle. It is bad enough having the numpty cops running around with Glocks when they couldn’t hit a barn door at 10 paces (I know because I used to train these fools) but giving them automatic weapons to trundle the dark streets of South Auckland is inviting trouble.

The best course of action would be to liberalise our gun laws enabling the citizenry to defend themselves. The proposal of the police suggests that they are living in fear of the crims and this is the only way they feel safe, so how do they think the unarmed citizens of South Auckland feel.

Further if you don’t feel nervous with this statement by the Police then you are dumber than a sack of hammers.

[quote]Mr Rivers said the review team was “very, very keen” to test mid-range lethal weaponry to supplement the close-range options of the baton, pepper spray and Taser.[/quote]

Very scary, top cops saying they are “very, very keen” to test mid-range lethal weaponry.

It is time for the liberal sook politicians to shut the fuck up. They have lost control of our largest city by pursuing softly, softly policies, it is now time to harden up. Allow people to defend themselves with equal force to the criminals.