The Police won't protect us so we will

Triad symbolDespite the delusions of Helen Clark that crime is reducing, the general populace has had enough of gangs, gang violence, thuggery, methampetamine and all general crime.

We have had such a gutsful that we are now talking about vigilante actions. The Mayor of Wanganui wants the Army in the streets and the Asian residents of Manukau are looking to form self protection units.

They say that if the Police won’t protect them then they will.

Asians do have experience of protection rackets too! I just can’t wait for the Asian gangs to form…triads run Hong Kong. There is very little violent crime – they don’t like competition and they know that violent crime is bad for business. However misbehave in Wan Chai and your hands get cut off, and let me tell you that makes swimming in the harbour to save yourself very, very difficult.

One thing is very clear though. When the Police “Service” emasculated themselves and fell at the feet of Helen Clark declaring her every wish was their?command they lost the respect of the people and they lost control of the street.

I say we bring back a Police “Force”. Lock up crims for a very long time, remove concurrent sentencing and bring in time sentenced = time served. Enough is enough. People want these pricks either dead or in jail not with some stupid ankle bracelet living next door.

The person purporting to be Helen Clark is advising us against forming self-protection groups. Well Calrk, we know your government is soft on crime now the populace has gone soft on you.

As they say in Wan Chai…..”Get out or chop, chop!”