The Standard gets it wrong again

The Labour Party sponsored blog The Standard has once again got all of its facts wrong.

Some anonymous Labour Party blogger using the pseudonym Ralph Malcolm has launched an attack on National candidate for Manukau East, Kanwaljit Bakshi, accusing him of “lack of compassion”.

Unfortunately for them their post is entirely fact free and the source of the article is discredited “journalist” Michael Field who was tossed out of Fiji for being a meddling arsehole.

I notice that they haven’t retracted their post nor have they further accused Labour MP George Hawkins for a similar “lack of compassion”. Further they haven’t commented on Helen Clark’s lack of compassion in actually blaming the death of Mr Singh on himself for being one of the bottlestore owners that is supposedly causing all the mayhem in South Auckland.

Yes sadly for The Standard it is Labour Party MP George Hawkins who also been assisting the committee in writing a letter of complaint to the Police.

I won’t expect them to correct their post, why would I? They are after all the funded and supported blogging mouthpiece of the Labour Party.