The Whaleoil Chicken Saga continues

Aracauna Hen: SilverwingWe have had the chooks now for a couple of weeks, the eggs are just rolling in. How ever the kids have really wanted an Aracauna chicken. These little suckers apparently, though not on the evidence thus far, lay green-blue eggs.

So off onto Trademe we went, is there anything you can’t get on Trademe?

Sure enough Aziz is selling Aracauna hens. We bought it and then waited for the system emails, early on Saturday morning Miss Whaleoil wanted us to call Aziz to arrange pickup. We called and Aziz agreed to meet us and since he lived in Papatoetoe he suggested we meet somewhere easy to find. No problem then he suggested…..

Aracauna EggsKFC Papatoetoe, the Whaleoil clan roared with laughter and duly went off to pick up “Silver-wing”…I thought Roast was a better name but got the death-stare from miss Whaleoil.

Aziz duly roared up and brought out a box in the carpark of KFC….the chicken certainly looked very nervous.

When we got home we had a minor escape on our hands in letting Roast Silver-wing into the coop…the other four decided to scamper out….so now they are free-range.

Miss Whaleoil and Pink-BeakFortunately they toddle off back to the coop once the sun goes down. Now they get to run around each day.

Miss Whaleoil is the designated and self appointed egg collector. She loves her job and every day she comes in beaming with the eggs.

She also has to change the straw and fill up the food and water containers, boy chickens slurp up a ton of water.

They love slugs and snails and worms so the garden has been scavenged clean of slugs and snails.

The only one unhappy about this whole chicken thing is the bloody dog, much more hassles from her and I’ll re-home her!!!