US Supreme Court overturns D.C.'s gun ban

The US Supreme Court yesterday overturned the District of Columbia’s handgun ban as unconstitutional.

[quote]In a landmark decision that returns the gun control debate to the forefront of the presidential race, the Supreme Court on Thursday overturned the District of Columbia’s restrictive ban on handguns and declared for the first time an individual right to possess a gun.

The D.C. gun ban had prohibited residents from keeping handguns inside their homes and required legal guns like hunting rifles to be registered and kept unloaded in a locked area.[/quote]

This of course now brings Obama’s gun control stance right into play for the election and the GOP has slready pounced on it. Remember last year Obama said that he “believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.”

A lawyer he clearrly ain’t. It seems a US born citizen he ain’t either calling into question his eligibility to even stand. One thing is for sure this issue will be resolved very quickly by the blogosphere who will declare that Obama’s campaign team “fake but accurate” birth certificate if a dud.