Which is more economical?

Some very interesting test results have come out of the UK. Which of these two vehicles is the more fuel efficient. The diesel burning SUV Jeep Patriot or the Hybrid eco-saviour of the world Toyota Prius?

Jeep PatriotToyota Prius


Come on, which one? The “gas guzzling” Jeep or the faggoty-assed, girls car the Toyota Prius?

Bad news for the eco-homo’s out there it is the Jeep.

[quote]Results of a test by British green motoring website Clean Green Cars showed that the Toyota Prius had a real-world consumption figure of just 7.8l/100km despite its claimed figure of over 4.7l/100km (60mpg).

When tested against a diesel SUV, the Jeep Patriot, the Patriot managed marginally less over the same journey, recording an average of 7.26 l/100km[/quote]

Bummer man…all that investment for Greencabs when they could have got much more useful Jeeps.

So what would you drive the fag-mobile or the SUV…the correct answer of course is “The SUV fuckin’ A”.