NZ to give $9.5m aid to fight global food crisisNew Zealand is putting its money where its mouth is, contributing $9.5 million towards battling the international food crisis.
Foreign Minister Winston Peters made the announcement today as the United Nations global food crisis…
[NZ Politics]

Far from New Zealand putting its money where its mouth is they are putting OUR money where it will evaporate faster than an iceblock in Death Valley.

The single best thing we can all do to combat the world wide shortage of foodstuffs is cancel our obsession with Kyoto and Biofuels.

It wont cost a cent. Best of all it will remove thousands of consultants from government departments writing endless papers on how the department will need to be carbon neutral.

In actual fact if we withdraw feom Kyoto the effect will be positive on the economy and government cashflow to the tune of $1billion thereby allowing National’s tax cuts.