Why are we harbouring this Foxtrot Whiskey?

Harmeet Sooden is a complete waste of space.

This 35 year old CANADIAN supposedly ‘student’ and Christian campaigner tried to enter Israel to work for a Palestinian activist group.

I want somebody to ask the question WTF are we doing harbouring this moron? and WHY is he getting ‘star’ coverage by the dumb stupid media??

He should be sent packing back to Canada along with another Canadian import who can’t be bothered gracing Hunua with his prescence. He contributes absolutely nothing to NZ, he doesn’t have a job, I would love to know where he gets all his travel funds, careful savings from his dole?

Profesional bloody loser is what he is. next time he is in Israel might i suggest they detain him as a human shield gainst Palestinian “Rockets of Peace”.