Winston "Ali" Peters?

Winston "Ali" Peters3 News > Political > Story > Winston Peters outlines his similarities to Muhammed Ali

So Winston reckons he is Muhammad Ali?
What a dick!

It is like the twlight of Ali’s career to the letter.
He has finally declared for Tauranga.

Local champion Bob “Leon Spinks” Clarkson finally dethroned “Ali” by decision in 2005. The fight was criticized by many fans, since Bob “Leon Spinks” Clarkson was a relative rookie with political bouts in his career. He returned, however, to face new champion Simon “Larry Holmes” Bridges in 2008. It is expected that despite “Ali’s” claim that “Holmes” would be “mine in nine” he will soundly defeated by “Holmes”.

Meanwhile there should be tomorrow some startling revelations about the “Cheap Bangkok Whore” that Labour have selected to provide a distraction to the fight centre ring.

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