Winston First refered to Police

Bwahahahahahaha! Cop that suckers….your law, your the first to be refered to the coppers, hope they prosecute, you don’t have the Labour party immunity. Simon Bridges will be grinning from ear to ear.

[quote]Dated: 12 June 2008

Decision Number: 2008-09

Subject: Two banners displayed on a house in Tauranga promoting New Zealand First

Findings and Determination: Banners on a house in Tauranga promoting New Zealand First did not display promoter statements. The offence will be reported to the Police.
Contravention of sections 63(2)(a) and 65(1)(b) of the Electoral Finance Act 2007, by failure to display promoter statements, amounting to offences under sections 63(4) and 65(4) of the Act. The facts will be reported to the Police in accordance with section 70.[/quote]

Other decisions are posted here and note that despite Labour’s muelling the Commission has found that National’s pamphlet is not an election advertisement. The Greens were lucky although they had an authorisation it was the wrong one but deemed inconsequential.

The big decisions are still to come and those are all complaints against Labour.