A lesson

Here is a lesson, take what you will from it.

I have run a series of posts against a person who is deperately trying to manufacture herself an image.

She didn’t like what I posted and firstly got her aggressive father to try threatening me, then she tried tears and when that didn’t work sic’d a lawyer onto me….except she never did sic the lawyer onto me.

The lawyer, one Steven Price, some numpty who seems to practice out of Victoria University, threatened and bullied my hosting supplier. They diligently advised me of the issues and sought their own legal advice. Unfortunately their lawyers are sogft and they reccommended that I take down the offending posts. I refused and they shut my site down.

A compromise was reached. They allowed my site to come back up and I edited the posts to show the real situation.

Make no mistake here. Steven Price bullied the hosting company because of an “alleged” defamation made by me. This alleged defamation has not been proven in a court it is only Steven prices and his clients that think this is the case. The place to settle this is in a court and for a judge to decide.

I notify him and his client that I am ready, willing and able to get in a court and spank their collective asses from here to eternity. I also notify them that I will be counter-suing both of them for vexatious litigation.

Copies of all my posts though have now been copied (not by me) and are now online at www.pearlgoingisafake.com

I have not authorised this copying of my content and have not had any interaction with the individual/s behind that site.

The lesson in all of this is that if you don’t like something online the worst possible way to go about handling it is by using Steven Price and his heavy handed methods.I suppose it was to be expected since Steven is Nicky Hager’s go to man for legal issues. I think that this is actually all about politics as I doubt that his client approached him, my sources tell me it was more the other way.

I guess we will find out when we get in the court room.Zemanta Pixie