A Tale of Two Flip Floppers

Karl Rove

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No, not flip floppers in New Zealand politics rather flip floppers in the US. Karl Rove has written a piece for the Wall Street Journal about flip flopper politicians and why and how to flip flip.

He analyses John McCain‘s flip flops and Barack Obama‘s and find some stark contrasts in their flip flops. McCain doesn’t get off lightly either but Rove’s opinion is that McCain handles flip flops much better than Obama.

The article is good in explaining why politicians change their views and readers would do well to read this article to understand that actually it is the sign of a listening politician and it isn’t the flip flop per se that is bad but the way in which the flip flop is arrived at and explained.

This is where Obama fails the tests and then Rove lists the flip flops of Obama and it is quite a list.

[quote]At least Mr. McCain fesses up to and explains his changes. Sen. Obama has shifted recently on public financing, free trade, Nafta, welfare reform, the D.C. gun ban, whether the Iranian Quds Force is a terrorist group, immunity for telecom companies participating in the Terrorist Surveillance Program, the status of Jerusalem, flag lapel pins, and disavowing Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And not only does he refuse to explain these flip-flops, he acts as if they never occurred.[/quote]

And that doesn’t even cover Iraq where he flipped, then flopped and then flipped again, then flapped and has flopped again. No-one actually knows now what Obam’s position is on iraq except that he was agaianst it, and then for it and then…..oh wait I’m getting confused again.

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