A touchy subject


Image by Stephen Witherden via Flickr

Michael Laws is getting a bit too anti-Auckland for my liking. In his article today in the Sunday Star Times he said;

[quote]”IN A week when Auckland mayor John Banks tried to convince this government that thieving from taxpayers was the best way to bail his inept council out of its leaky home debacle, the former Whangarei wet was welcoming the truckie protest down Queen St.”


“And it was just so Auckland that they abandoned the idea of a sanctioned V8 spectacular but gave a civic welcome to truck protesters. This is a genuinely screwed up city – dear God, don’t amalgamate all their petty boroughs… just let Hamilton or Thames take them over.”[/quote]

I note that when a desperate Michael Laws needed help for his gravely ill daughter, he didn’t go to Hamilton or Thames hospital. Maybe Auckland’s not so bad after all hmm?

As a proud and loyal Auckland, I was delighted that Mayor Michael was able to get the help he needed for little Lucy. As a father I was cheering on the good news that Lucy’s percentages got better over time, so is Michael’s rather sad and nasty raving against Auckland warranted?

A touchy subject to be sure, but perhaps we learn more about Michael Laws than Auckland when he describes long time conservative John Banks as the “Whangarei Wet”.

My recollection of the 1990-1996 National Government is that Banks was more the conservative spine that National desperately needed, while Laws was the saturated, soaking socialist in National’s caucus.

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