Another day, another lie exposed

True Lies - Winston PetersI think it is safe to call Winston Raymond Peters a liar now.

With every allegation raised by the NZ Herald and the DomPost he has been shown to have lied.

We can no longer say “mis-spoke” because he called them liars and they fronted with the evidence.

Today the DomPost reveals Winston Raymond Peters caught in yet another lie.

The asked him the other day “if a trust run by his brother had sometimes paid NZ First bills.”

Mr Peters said: “That is a lie.”

Except of course the DomPost has a source and the source says that Winston is lying. The source has also told of $75,000 in donations from Bob Jones.

Now this is very, very interesting because Bob Jones is against the Electoral Finance Act and Winston and his poodles all voted for it.

The hypocrisy of Winston Raymond Peters is being exposed daily now and the truly great thing about it all is that Helen Clark has doggedly supported him to the hilt.

Any day now we will here that Winston Raymond Peters is “guilty of nothing more than being helpful”.

National needs to call for the establishment of an Independent Commission against Corruption.

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