Another day, another promise

Another day, another promiseNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters insists that there is a “massive” difference between his party getting funding from corporate donors via secret trusts and other parties getting it.
He won’t say what, but is promising to…
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How many days does Winston Raymond peters have left in is job. Helen Clark is resolutely defending the “tired old drunk” in parliament and yesterday she must have been mortified at his performance as he slung mud all around the chamber. Most of it though stuck to himself.

I would’ve thought that bringing up the Scampi enquiry was a risky strategy for Winston Raymond peters as well but he still flung the poo.

The Craig Foss allegation simply revealed his shonky investigative skills.

Meanwhile the Herald Editorial has increased the pressure on Clark to get to the bottom of Winston Raymond Peter’s obfuscations. Whilst the Herald poll of polls notes that Winston’s party is flailing aimlessly in the dead zone.

Winston Raymond Peters is daily becoming a major embarrasment for the government.