Another import proves Labour doesn't take Botany seriously

Labour has selected their new Botany candidate to replace disgraced candidate Brenden Sheehan who infamously threatened to come around with the rather rotund Muliaga boys and give Whaleoil the bash.

Despite the threats I asked Brenden Sheehan to step in the ring with me and he failed to do so despite the offer a $1000 and a scholarship for the lard-asses. He still has failed to front though he does lurk around here from time to tme. There is still time Brenden, 22 days to be precise.

Anyway I digress. There must be something unique about Labour imports from Mangere because they have selected another Mangere resident to campaign in Botany. At least this one doesn’t live over the back of a cemetery.

And he is just what we need in parliament too! Another bloody academic.