Another Winston First Voter dies

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Winston Peters mother diesNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters‘ mother, Joan, has died, aged 96.
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The cold winter has seen off another Winston First voter, this time it’s his mother.

That is the thing with Winston’s support base. There isn’t a day that goes by without his supporters getting their names on the back page of the Herald as they all, one after the other, pop their clogs.

Since Winston has suffered a tragedy today I thought it might be appropriate to pass on this story I recieved by email the other day. Not sure if it is true, but it certainly is believable of the “tired old drunk.”

via email

On a recent Air New Zealand flight up in first class, an elderly gentleman passed away during the flight. By poor co-incidence the tired old drunk and Minister of Foreign Affairs was also on the same flight enjoying the baubles of office. I am sure passengers paying for first class tickets do not pay for first class tickets to then be subjected to being within a few metres of Winston Peters. But I digress.

The wife of the very recently deceased was, as you would expect, very distressed that her husband of several decades had passed away.

So what does the Minister of Foreign Affairs say to her. The caring ex-member for Tauranga whose constituency is essentially elderly people who are at that stage in life where their spouse passes to the next life. The sensitive Minister said to the very distressed and recent widow “I suppose it was the Air New Zealand breakfast that did it to him”

Winston is a complete arrogant wanker. How dare he be such an insensitive prick to a lady who has just lost her husband. In less than four months I will take much joy is saying to Winston (the morning after the election) “I suppose you are now just an irrelevant wanker that nobody wants to know anymore.”

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