Are we going to the polls?

Are we going to the polls?

I ask because of a number of things. One because Labour and Winston went feral on Key today in Parliament and together with labour’s sponsored blogsphere mouthpiece have really stepped up the smears. One would think that it was they that were using Crosby/Textor for advice rather than National.

The thing with smears is that for them to work you need to at least have some truth in there somewhere for them to resonate. So far the left have all but accused John key of eating babies but the fact that is missing is that he isn’t. So it sounds actually like piss and wind in the end and the smearers are the ones that cop the backlash.

Today in Parliament Clark tried to get two hits on Key and failed miserably on both points. Colin Espiner who seems to be dogging Clarks every mis-step at the moment has noticed a rich irony in having a Prime Minister who tried to supress a speech where she complained that competition had led to journalists “not letting the facts get in the way of a good story,” and “There wouldn’t be a day go by when something isn’t just plain wrong.”

Indeed! Very ironic that she made both of those errors by not getting her facts straight and beating up a story about it anyway.? The woman has lost her touch.

One other reason that tends to make me think we are going to the polls is the state of the economy. We have just had one quarter with the inkling of a recession. Those figures came out at the end of June. The next quarter ends in September and any Aucklander who drives during the day will tell you that the motorways are empty. The economy is tanking and today’s increase in RUC won’t help that one little bit. The September figures will confirm a recession. Now the end of September is actually 6 weeks out from the last possible date for the election. Labour will want a recession confirmed in the last 6 weeks of a campaign like you and i want colon cancer.

So lets take 6 weeks off the end of September and where are you placed at mid August and folks mid August is just 6 weeks from today. As I said, Labour want a recession confirmed like they want colon cancer so possible dates to consider are actually 6 weeks from today onwards upto and including the end of September.

There is now a school of thought around Wellington from Labour appartchiks that they’d be better to go now because that way they won’t completely be annihilated. Given that they have gone feral and dirty in the past week I suspect that we aren’t far off polling day now.