Bob Jones torpedos Winston

Winston Raymond Peters has tonight been torpedoed by Sir Robert Jones on Campbell Live.

Campbell also eviscerates Winston’s previous lies. The video is devastating. I fail to see how he can survive this.

When he gets to Bob Jones the video is delicious. Bob just slams Winston, then bends him over the metaphoric desk and slips him one in the chook. I love his comment about “what do you call it, the internet?”

Winston is shown in the vide to be all over the place like a mad woman’s shit. He firstly knows nothing, then all about, then only some of the details about the Spencer Trust.

Bob Jones has a very clear recollection of the donation of $25,000, and when asked who it was for and if he believed it was for NZ First he says “Well of course it did, I’d never heard of the Spencer Trust…..of course it was for the party”.

Winston has no wriggle room. Despite multiple occurences of NO and statutory declarations to the contrary it is now very, very clear that not only was Winston soliciting funds but also NZ First was recieving them.