Brian Rudman: Peters blind to inconvenient truth

Brian Rudman: Peters blind to inconvenient truthAt his pre-election rally on Sunday, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters tried to inspire his followers to cast off their walking sticks and “act today” by borrowing Brutus’s famous call to arms. “There comes a tide in the affairs… [NZ Politics]

Rudman turns his beady socialist eyes onto Winston Raymond Peters and finds that he doesn’t much like what he sees.

He turns Winston’s quote about Brutus into a history lesson for Winston Raymond Peters. There are a multitude of fine lines in this piece from Rudman who is more used to railing against the demolition of flea infested and borer ridden buildings being knocked down.

My favourite is this couple of lines;

[quote]But Foreign Minister Peters has never been a great one for the small details. Like asking who was the mysterious fairy godfather who miraculously made his legal bill go down $100,000 overnight.

Perhaps he didn’t want the complication of knowing he’d been bailed out with dirty foreign cash. For as an election looms, the man who is supposed to be the acceptable face of New Zealand abroad is once again winding up his xenophobic barrel organ.[/quote]

Yes indeed, it is Winston First that is awash with foreign cash and Labour that is propped up by the same dirty foreign cash.

His constant attacks on the media are falling on deaf ears and deaf socilaist ears at that as Rudman finishes up with a good smacking for Winston Raymond Peters;

“Still, Mr Peters is not likely to let such inconvenient facts get in the way of a good stir. Not when he can claim they come from a lackey like me of “the foreign-owned media”.

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