Bullshit Winston!

Winston Peter is full of shitWinston’s 15th anniversary conference is turning into a circus.

He is now so marginalised that the only thing that could redeem him would be his death.

He now is insisting he did not mislead the public when he denied ever receiving a donation from expatriate shipping billionaire Owen Glenn.

Yeah, just like Bill Clintondid not have sexual relations with that woman”. Good one Winston, try another one.

On another note, of the 14 cases he says he has had funded by illegal donations, illegal because they weren’t declared, has he won? Any? Nope not a one as far as I can ascertain.

Being threatened with legal action would be like being gummed by a nana with her teeth out. Winston is more full of shit than the proverbial khazi at the back of the local pub.

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