Call an election Clark and we'll end the phony war

Helen Clark reckons we are in a phony war…..she is right of course, we are at war with a bunch of phoneys of which she is the leader.

In caling for national to front she forgets that it is she who calls the election and if she doesn’t want a phony war then she best get on with calling the election.

While she is at it how about she deny the participation of labour and EPMU staffers in being her mouthpiece on the internet.

Speaking of The Standard they are working well overtime over there trying to keep any mention of DPF’s and my allegations quiet. The longer they say nothing the more damning it becomes. Tane ddn’t even go to kiwiblog to lie and smear and spin.

Back to Labour and their smears, I’m glad that Clark has said that they will continue, it is doing wonders for poll ratings, National’s poll ratings. Given the beatup over Crosby/Textor and their evil campaign plans I am beginning to think that it is Labour who has engaged Crosby/Textor and not national such is the disconnect between what labour says is happening and what is actually happening.

The problem Labour is having while they have their “Last Supper” is that have taken to believing their own bullshit. Call the election Clark, let’s get it on.Zemanta Pixie