Cash for Honours all but confirmed

Winston accepts Cash for HonoursEmails refuel row over political cashControversy over secret political funding is likely to be reignited by private emails that suggest Labour’s biggest donor also gave money to NZ First.
The emails suggest repeated denials by Foreign Minister Winston Peters that…
[NZ Politics]

It lloks like Winston is a goner now after emails have appeared that al but confirm that Winston First has accepted cash in return for honours.

This isn’t the first time Winston has done this as he almost brought down the National-NZ First government over the same sort of deal.

So the questions need to be deeply asked by the MSM. Last time it was Audrey Young that delved into this but it seemed at the time that she grew tired of it. Is there any media person out there who will be a rottweiler and go for the throat or do the blogs have to do it all for you?

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