Clark's Mission – So how'd she do?

Today the NZ Herald site has some links that are a blast from the past. One of which shows us what Helen Clark and Labour campaigned on back in 1999. So lets see how she has done on her mission to “clean up Government and to clean up Parliament, too” and “The party is over for the senior management of [Work and Income New Zealand] and of all those other Government organisations who have wasted public money.”

Cleaning up Government and Parliament

* Helen Clark – prima facie evidence of forgery and fraud, speeding, Doonegate
* David Benson-Pope – lied over Madeleine Setchell, sacked, murky past as a teacher
* Lianne Dalziel – sacked for lying
* Ruth Dyson – sacked for conviction for drunk driving
* Dover Samuels – sacked for indiscretions in private life
* John Tamihere – sacked for telling the truth
* Pete Hodgson – assault
* Trevor Mallard – assault
* David Parker – dodgy document filing
* Phillida Bunkle – sacked for rorting accommodation allowances
* Taito Philip Field – “guilty of nothing more than being helpful”, before the courts on corruption charges
* Stole $800,000 of taxpayers money and passed retrospective legislation to legalise it

I’ve probably missed some but feel free to add more to the comments.

Nevertheless I’m just so glad Clark had those goals, imagine the mayhem if she hadn’t at least tried to keep a lid on things.

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