Cunners will be shaking in his boots

David Cunlifffe must be getting real nervous as Craig Foss continues to publish his newly obtained OIA documents.

Today’s installment is an email that shows that good friend of and soon to be boss of Ray Lind, the husband of Annette King, sees fit to email the Minister to suggest a bevy of people for ministerial appointment to the board. If this isn’t totally inappropriate for a board member to be communicating directly with a minister and not through the Chair of the Board then what on earth is?

Hausmann email

He even helpfully suggests to the Minister at this time it is Pete Hodgson, a couple of ways to try to remove the democratically elected Chair by gerrymandering the the whole process plus he even had the temerity to suggest someone called Mr Ian Wilson as deputy Chair. This is the same Mr Ian Wilson who went on to Chair the critical review (at least in the final version) of the HBDHB.

Oh dear, this is getting embarrassing for Cunners….he may well go down by the end of the week. It certainly looks like Peter Hausmann was almost certainly a plant and snitch in the board and bears quite a great deal of responssibility for its so-called dysfunctionality.

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