First it was truckies and now it is hairdressers

Don't Vote LabourFirst they came for the truckies. And the truckies fucking thumped them. Now Labour are going to get a hiding from hairdressers.

Labour’s Public Health Bill targets hairdressers as a public health menace, requiring every salon to go through the unnecessary bureaucracy of assessing all the risks they pose to the public from their scissors, shampoos and dyes, develop a Public Health Risk Management Plan, have this independently assessed, submit it to the Health Ministry, get a consent from the local Council and display the required certificates in a visible spot for zero public gain.

When asked about it in Parliament, Cunners brushed the suggestion off by attacking Jo Goodhew‘s hair. Now he’s going to pay the price.

A petition has been distributed across the country highlighting this stupidity. Hairdressers – except for maybe hookers and dentists – have the most captive clients in the country. And you don’t have to be a fucking rocket scientist to guess what they’re going to be talking about…

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