"Ghastly beyond belief"

Rodney Hide and his designer jacketShort of recent publicity in Auckland, self appointed Mayor and veteran media wh….(sorry can’t use that term for fear of litigation) has decided to pick on Rodney Hide’s new designer jacket. I spoke with Rodney this afternoon and he tells me that the jacket was specially tailored for him by RJB Design of High Street and he thinks that is why the self appointed Mayor of Newmarket has gone all high dudgeon on him, simply because the jacket wasn’t from Newmarket.

“We really like Rodney but this time he’s taken it too far. We are working hard to promote Newmarket as New Zealand’s Fashion Capital. Yet our local MP is walking around looking like an official from the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games. It’s an intolerable sight, and we beg Rodney to desist,” said Cameron Brewer, head of the Newmarket Business Association today.”

Cameron Brewer Media WhoreHowever Mr Brewer, himself the wearer of garish clothing has been caught well and truly in a classic pot, kettle, black fashion (excuse the pun). Just last week there was a truly appalling photo of the self appointed Mayor and veteran media wh….(sorry can’t use that term for fear of litigation) in the Taupo Times of all places, sheesh can’t he pull PR in Auckland anymore? Brewer was wearing a bright pink shirt, he’d probably call it “Cambridge Red” and a garish Karitane Yellow coat with matching foul tie.

Brewer should take his own advice;

“For sure we see the occasional fashion faux pas around the place, but this is completely unacceptable from someone in a leadership role. To be getting around in a crass canary campaign coat is simply offensive to Newmarket, particularly during school holidays.

“What kind of message does this send out to our young people? It implies that when you’re in position of power you can wear whatever you want no matter how inappropriate or horrid a garment may be. It’s not right and so we’re taking a stand,”

On another note, quite apart from any fashion verdict, I don’t think there is any authorisation statement on that coat of Rodney’s, I wonder if Labour will lay a complaint under the Electoral Finance Act over it, here’s hoping.? I hope Rodney wears it into parliament next week, that’ll get the Speaker going.

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