Has Karen been outed by Winston?

Has the mysterious Karen Fuchs been outed unwittingly by Winston Raymond Peters? Check out this very interesting exchange from the House.

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: Because the member decided to descend to that level, I will tell the House what is not being honest and transparent-anywhere in the world, in fact. At a recent parliamentary function, an MP pretended that a woman friend was his new girlfriend, introduced her to the press gallery as such, and also introduced that same person in a Koru lounge as such, when he knew, demonstrably and palpably, that that information was not correct.
Hon Members: Who’s your girlfriend, Rodney!
Rodney Hide: Madam Speaker-[Interruption] Point of order, Madam Speaker.
Madam SPEAKER: Point of order, Rodney Hide.
Rodney Hide: It was not you, Madam Speaker!
Madam SPEAKER: That comment was uncalled for; everyone knows I have taste and style.
Rodney Hide: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I know that, Madam Speaker, and I know that my style is not yours.
Madam SPEAKER: What is your point of order, please? Then Gerry Brownlee, point of order.
Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Entertaining as that commentary from Mr Peters might have been-it almost rivalled the Alice in Wonderland story-he has no ministerial responsibility for that sort of thing. So could we get an answer from him, and could he address the question that was asked?
Madam SPEAKER: No. Please be seated. I have valiantly tried to define ministerial responsibility, but the questions were technically within the context of the Pacific region, so they were, in fact, answered.
Hon Dr Nick Smith: So that’s the answer-to say that?
Madam SPEAKER: No, do not be ridiculous.
Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I am, after all, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and I have just explained a very foreign affair that is going on right under the nose of the press gallery-
Madam SPEAKER: That is not sensible. Look, we are coming close to bringing this House into disrepute, so would members please calm down.
Rodney Hide: Point of order-
Madam SPEAKER: If it is not a point of order, the member will have a very short stay in this House.
Rodney Hide: I think I might sit down at this juncture, Madam Speaker.
Madam SPEAKER: Right!

So Winston even knows about the lovely Karen!!. And here was me thinking that Rodney had successfully managed to keep this all quiet.