Helen Clark's anti-family comments

Helen Clark hates kidsHelen Clark is on a bender of nastiness. She is chucking poo all over the place in a desperate attempt to smear John Key and the National Party. unfortunately for her the poo all seems to be splatting down the front of her.

Today she decided she would compare herself and her work hours with John Key and Bill English.

“They do tend to work pretty short weeks and years in my experience. I’ve found this job is pretty all-consuming.”

Which is all well and good until someone rudely (me of course) points out that it is recess and school holidays and Bill and John are taking some time to be with their families, you know, with children, before the election campaign kicks off.

Clark of course wouldn’t know anything about family or children because who in their right mind would want to spend time at home with Peter and she doesn’t have and never wanted any children.

This woman is so out of touch.

Zemanta Pixie