Helen weds herself and her government to Peters

PM: I have confidence in PetersPrime Minister Helen Clark today told Parliament she had confidence in Foreign Minister Winston Peters.
Under questioning from National leader John Key following a series of allegations about donations to the New Zealand First
[NZ Politics]

Helen Clark has today wedded herself firmly to Winston Peters by confirming she still has confidence in him despite what appear to be massive chasms between his position and the truth. I expect the next words to spew forth from those bitter and twisted teeth is that Winston is “guilty of nothing more than be helpful”. Yeah, helpful to other peoples money.

Even today Winston has basically called the Dominion Post liars and we all know what happened the last time he called a media organisation liars.

Time is up for the obfuscating and manipulative crooks in our parliament. Time for National to announce the establishment of an Anit-Corruption Commission with the powers to compel evidence and obtain source documents, along the lines of the CCC in Western Australia and the ICAC in New South Wales.

When Helen Clark gets up in parliament to bang on about secret donations and overseas bagmen know now she is talking about Labour and NZ First and Winston Peters.

We can no longer claim to have corruption free politicians and a full investigation needs to be undertaken into election funding, cash for favours, cash for jobs and cash for honours.

The truly appalling situation is that Labour and Winston First rammed through anti-democratic legislation about transparency in politics and themselves have been engaged in very murky dealings. The two are linked at the hip now and will go down together.

Helen isn’t going to do anything about Winston because Winston knows from where Owen Glenn was sent and he won’t say unless Helen gets snotty.

This story will get worse before it gets better and now that Clark has stood by her minister it places her in the hot seat.

The time for going nice on Winston is over, it is time now to go for the jugular.



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