Is Clark mad?

New Zealand is Mordor under ClarkThat is mad as in crazy not as in angry.

Over the past few weeks I have come to the opinion that Clark is becoming mentally unstable and I wonder if a post on these lines will assist her in confronting her problem.

Clark has lived breathed and loved the Labour party now for nearly forty years. She married a somewhat effeminate male for no other reason than to assist her political ambitions. The once proud Labour Party has morphed into Helen Clark, as she has morphed into the Labour party. Take one away and the other dies.

And that is essentially what is happening.

Her precious is dying – she has made New Zealand the Socialist Mordor of Middle Earth and it is all collapsing around her with attacks on all fronts and also from within her own ranks. The battle is looming, but Labour has no spirit (they are already defeated in their own minds) the soldiers are tired (they do not want to fight a battle they cannot win anyway) they have no firepower (and no business will return desperate calls from Mike Williams). And the Labour Party Generals have shut down their own supply routes by accident thanks to the Electoral Finance Act.

So back to Clark and her precious.

The week she took the charge on nasty and personal politics. Of course John Key was ready and proved her to be a liar in the house. This has turned out to be a Neutron Fizzer . She slunk out of Parliament pretty much in disgrace having fired her best shot. Then Annette “Full Moon” King at the same time gets put on Clarks Shit List with the RUC. What should have been a good week has been an unmitigated disaster. It will only get worse from here.

The media are focusing on every lie and deception that this desperate government utters.

Quite simply Clark is now being ignored. She has sought the love and devotion of the people her entire life. Now she is the most despised Prime Minister NZ has had. On Television, the makeover’s cannot hide the sallow complexion and generally tired look that is the result of a stress of losing a loved one. Can she go on? – well yes she will – but she will make more and more erratic decisions, political mismanagement will become the norm, others will be blamed for her problems, she will fail to take advise from others (rumours are that H2 is already on the outer) and she will remain in denial until the movers evict her from Level 9 of the Beehive. Will she front on election night – I doubt it. Is there a life for her after the election – I doubt it. Who would employ a mad-woman?