It is Winston who is the "lying wanker"

More undeclared donations have surfaced as the political death of Winston Raymond Peters by a thousand cuts continues with Phil Kitchin delivering another cut.

Though not fatal the cuts received thus far are draining the life blood from the carcass of Winston First.

Today’s installment is a $20,000 deposit to the party’s bank account that does not appear on its register of declared donations.

The Dominion Post has obtained a deposit slip showing $19,998 was deposited in one or more cheques into the party’s coffers in December 1999.

Phil Kitchin has also released the transcript a very short phone conversation with Winston Raymond Peters where Winston says “Phil, I told you I’m not talking to a lying wanker like you. See you.” before hanging up.

Unfortunately for Winston we all know who the “lying wanker” is and it isn’t Phil Kitchin. One wonders how long Clark can sustain Winston’s bullshit?