John Armstrong: If mud's not sticking, time to stop slinging

Labour flings pooJohn Armstrong: If mud’s not sticking, time to stop slingingSo obsessed is Labour with destroying John Key that the party seems blinkered to the damage this is doing to Labour’s already-slight chances of winning the coming election.
Labour’s focus on Key is understandable. Without him as…
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John Armstrong one of the last bastions of Clarkism in the MSM has some sage advice for Clark.

Stop slinging mud, it aint sticking, not a bit of it.

The mudslinging has appeared desperate and they didn’t even do their homework properly. They desperately have tried to suggest John Key was trying to advantage himself by asking question about Tranzrail…..if he was he sure failed because he actually made a loss on those shares. Only a stupid socialist would try to claim this as trying to advantage ones self.

Unfortunately for Labour their numpties can’t even fling the poo in the right direction, this past week all of the poo landed in Helen’s, Cullen’s and King’s laps.

John Key meanwhile comes up smelling of roses and Labour looks like the nasty party.