John Armstrong: The Great Survivor goes hunting for brainless meerkats

John Armstrong: The Great Survivor goes hunting for brainless meerkatsThe last refuge of a politician in serious trouble is to blame the media. Not so in Winston Peters’ case. Blaming the media is not sufficient. When Peters strikes problems, they are deemed the product of a vast media conspiracy against… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong outline 4 factors behind the refusal of Winston Raymond Peters to hold himself to the same standards he demands of others.

1. Any explanation of exactly what happened to Sir Robert Jones’ $25,000 donation to the party risks highlighting the fiction that NZ First is morally superior to other parties and does not accept money from big business interests or deliberately hide such donations.

2. Offering some insight into what happened to Sir Robert’s donation would only invite more scrutiny just when the story appears to be (slowly) running out of steam.

3. The reluctance of all parties to open their financial books for inspection. The only one which regularly publishes its accounts in any detail is Labour.

4. Winston Peters is Winston Peters. He does not come in safe, diluted versions. When you buy the package – as Labour has discovered late in the parliamentary term – you get the full package.

Heh, Winston Raymond Peters certainly is a poisoned chalice. Only one thing is for certain when you get into bed with Winston, he’s going to shag ya in the chook and you are sleeping in the wet spot with a sore arse.