John Key: The man who would be PM

John Key: The man who would be PMFor someone whose career had been a series of champagne glass-chinking highs, John Key‘s first day in Parliament was a shock. Flushed with his victory in Helensville, he was almost jumping out of his skin at the chance to get started… [NZ Politics]

Well, all I have to say after reading part two of the story of John Key is that if half a dozen journo’s spending six months and interviewing hundreds of people for their expose can’t find any dirt on John Key there isn’t any.

The Labour and EPMU shills at the Standard are pretty much left with their own made up shit which increasingly is falling on deaf ears.

The Herald article leaves us in no doubt however, why Labour can’t get any hits on. John Key is simply too smart for them. In all of Clark’s years she hasn’t come across anyone opposite with the smarts to best her and she is genuinely flummoxed as to how to deal with him.

The day after John Key destroys them electorally she will still be sitting there shaking her head wondering what to do next.

The timeline of how Key came to be an MP and now leader of the National Party is outlined in the piece “Ambush in the West“. This article mentions Dad’s involvement in getting John Key aboard and yes we are going to open that bottle of Stonyridge Larose and enjoy it on election night.

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