Labour and the Greens lie like flatfish

Liberty Scott fisks well and truly the Government and Greens lines about the RUC issues in particulat the lie that this is the first increase in 18 years. A bigger lie could not have benn told in the pathological attack on the truckers.

Almost all of the Greens attack lines come froma? discredited report that was so full of holes that MoT were thinking of selling it to MFish as a fishing net.

Meanwhile in Auckland Central the left goes feral on itself. RAM candidate Oliver Woods has attacked the missing in action Associate Transport Minister, What’s her face…. uhmmmm…. rhymes with Lizard…..oh yeah…Tizard.

It is good to see Oliver pick up my line of the absentee Labour MP Tongue out

[quote]”Aucklanders are going to struggle to get into and out of the city, and even get to work and school tomorrow because of a sadistic Government decision to increase road user charges that is causing a truckers blockade tomorrow,” said Oliver Woods.[/quote]