Labour uses public funds on its focus groups

MPs cleared to use public funds on consultantsParliamentary Services says public money can be used to pay for work done by political consultants and advisers – as long as it is aimed at making MPs better at their jobs rather than electioneering.
The issue of public funding…
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This article today confirms what everyone has suspected, that Labour does indeed use public funds to pay for its focus group research. We, that’s you and me, pay for their focus groups. That is an outrage.

Of course they dress it up under the guise of advice to help their MP’s do their job better. What a crock!

It is time for all concerned citizens to call for Parliamentary Services spending to be brought to account instead being a shadowy slush fund for all parties to dip into.

At the same time we need and independent Corruption Commission established with its first cases to be investigating the shenangins surrounding Labour, Owen Glenn and New Zealand First.