Leighton Smith bans Newmarket

Rodney Hide and his designer jacketI was listening to Leighton Smith this morning and he gave the self appointed Mayor of Newmarket and veteran media wh….(can’t say that under threat of legal action), Cameron Brewer a right good slapping for his silly ban on Rodney Hides stunning yellow jacket.

Leighton Smith has said to Brewer live on radio that until he lifts his ban on Rodney’s jacket then he [Smith] will be placing a ban on Newmarket.

Brewer was for once in his life was dumbstruck!

In further news about Brewer’s silly ban there is an article in the East and Bays Courier about it. There is a shot (left) of Rodney looking fit and svelte in his jacket while Brewer is there in his poo-coloured, I think he calls it mushroom, jacket.

Brewer is out of control!