Male voters help keep Key ahead of Clark

Male voters help keep Key ahead of ClarkNational’s dominant lead in this month’s Herald-DigiPoll is the result of overwhelming support among men, coupled with the backing of almost half of the women who were polled.
A gender breakdown of the poll reveals that National…
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Labour are fucked. How fucked? Really fucked. They have lost the female vote.

In the latest NZ Herald Digipoll, a poll which Clark will no doubt label “extreme”, it shows that the once untouchable female vote has abandoned Labour.

Women give National 49.6 per cent support compared with Labour’s 37.5. In the male vote Clark is dog tucker, not even the most drunk of voters would pick her up at the party. National has 60.6 per cent support among males, miles ahead of Labour’s 24.7.

The male vote is perhaps unsurprising as more and more Labour has become known as the party of poofs and sooks. Most Labour males are emasculated well and truly by the sisterhood that rules with, ironically, an iron fist.

Still the breakdown of the poll by the Herald shows how fucked Labour are. They are losing in EVERY demographic now. Under $30,000 income bracket now support National 41.1% over Labour 37.9%, Auckland is gone, in every age bracket National leads and the only one Labour gets close is the over 70’s.

This election, whenever Clark gets the courage to call it, is over.