Maori Party seeking Utu

Parekura Horomia carrying a briefcase of piesThe Maori Party has come out swinging against Labour after a staffer of Shane Jones was putting about a story of domestic violence by Derek Fox.

TV3 have put the boot in as well by confirming that one of Shane Jones’ little helpers was behind it all.

Labour are acting in desperation now flailing away at all perceived enemies, flinging dirt in the forlorn hope that that some of it will stick. That they are prepared to crap all over Maori in a bid to save Jabba the Pie-eater shows how venal they have become.

Tariana Turia is reported to be livid.

Strange isn’t that in the week that it was revealed that The Standard and are proxy websites for the Labour Party and content on both is providied by either the EPMU or the Labour Party ministerial staffers that yet another staffer is donkey deep in the smears business.

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